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Wednesday 13th of February 2019

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SASA Gallery of Science and Technology is the place where the excellent exhibition "Academician Mihailo Gavrilovic - historian, archivist, diplomat" will be held. From 13th to 28th February, visitors will finally have the opportunity to get to know the life and work of a man who is considered a national pride. Mihailo Gavrilovic (1868-1924) was the first Serbian archivist, prominent historian, professor, the first man of the State Archives of Serbia, a diplomat, member of the Serbian Royal Academy, President of the Serbian Red Cross in London, and he also succeeded in achieving PhD at Sorbonne. The exhibition consists of authentic documentation, photographs and newspapers as well as professional written words.

Until 2nd March, the exhibition "Od Milenine slike do Mileninog stiha" (From Milena's Image to Milena's Verse) will be on. The address of art, Danube art showroom, is paying special attention to Milena Pavlovic Barili and one of her passions - watercolour (aquarelle). Under the strong impression of secession and fashion, Milena created incredible works. These works are on the repertoire. To put it simply, you will be delighted with the setting.

On the eighth of February 1886, Hristofor Crnilovic was born. In his honour, the Ethnographic Museum opened exhibition "Half Century in Manak's House" in its branch - Manak' house, with the idea to specifically promote the work of a famous professor of painting, ethnographer and collector of domestic handicrafts. The author's exhibition "Ethnographic exhibition of Hristofor Crnilovic", consisting of archival material, library and much more, was donated to Belgrade. The reason - never to forget the old craft. Now it is at the center of attention again and at the disposal of curious fans of history and folk customs.

The exhibition "TransBalkan" by Aleksandar Crnogorac will be exhibited in the gallery of the Youth Center until 22nd February. Without faking, the problems of transgender people in the region are presented. The story of documentary photography will be completed with the interviews with people who are experiencing problems themselves. You can find out whether this is an environment that accepts or categorically rejects differences at the exhibition of an artist who has been educated around the world, but prefers his native area.