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Saturday 30th of March 2019

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The exhibition "Bernini's School and Roman Baroque" is on the programme of the National Museum until 26th May. The sophisticated, exclusive exhibition showcases 55 masterpieces from the "Palazzo Chigi in Ariccia" located near Rome. Baroque art will present some of the most important artists of this era. Works signed by Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini, as well as Pietro da Cortona, Borgognone, Salvator Rosa and many others have preserved valuable memories of life in the former Baroque Rome.

Four authors are creators of the impressive chronological exhibition "The Day Worth a Century – 1 XII 1918". Veselinka Kastratovic Ristic, Marija Vasiljevic, Radovan Cukic and Zoran Bajin, with the help of more than 50 institutions from Serbia and former Yugoslav countries as well as collectors, gathered exhibit material that presents the history of the former republic. Photographs, sculptures, personal items, weapons, medals, posters and numerous documents best testify to the creation of Yugoslavia. The exhibition will be set up until 28th April at the Palace of Serbia.

Like cultural and artistic institutions, it is not a museum, but it is equally attractive. Possibly even more. The tour "Let's bring institutions closer to citizens" opens the door of state institutions in which the most important decisions are made, and is organized every first Saturday of the month.

The National Assembly and the seat of the President of the Republic of Serbia, New Palace (Novi dvor), or the Presidency building are impressive buildings where work is hard but the tourist visits are excellent. A unique opportunity to experience the atmosphere in breath-taking interior live. Spend two hours, how long the tour takes, to get to know the festive rooms, salons, works of art, gifts of the highest statesmen and everything that these two buildings carefully guard.