Message for every woman

Let the Women's Day 2019 be the first without roses that do not smell and flowers that were supposed to be in rubbish yesterday. Finally, the point is coming to the forefront

Friday 8th of March 2019

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You are beautiful. Not only on those days when you think it yourself after you look into the mirror because there are very few such days. You are beautiful every day. Only you see an enlarged pore, a stuck eyelash and lack of lipstick. Head up, shoulders back and take a bold step. You have the reason for the attitude of a proud woman.

You are free. You choose how to live. You determine the rules of the game. You know the borders do not exist. Except those you have set yourself. There is no person who can stop your journey. Because this is your journey, the only ride on this planet and you, only you are responsible for your actions. Likewise, you are responsible for any praise and reward.

You are brave. You can do it all. Head up and fight for every right. Nobody will do it instead. And you know that. Long ago, you learned a lesson that what you cannot really influence, that is not a problem. Do not listen to others, listen to yourself. When no one believes in your plan, find motivation in yourself and go. Do not look back, you can do it yourself.

You know how to say no. People lived even before the stove and refrigerator appeared. The world will not stop if you do not have lunch at home or if you did not eat cooked meal. Not one, nor even five days. But you will feel bad if you see yourself as a housekeeper. Say not to everything that burdens you. You were not born to stand in the queue in a store every day. Immediately get out of the vicious circle you imposed yourself by repeating I can do it. I can do this. I can do that. You cannot and even more importantly - you do not have to.

Take care of yourself. Not of looks but of health. When did you go to the gynecologist for a checkup? Diseases are not out there on the planet, they are here. Cancer is curable if it is detected at an early stage. There is no excuse. There is no I do not have time. Do not wait to notice any change on your body. Regular checkups save lives.

Change. Learn. Move on. Distance yourself from everything that steals your energy. You do not care. It is not your story. You have not been a princess long ago. Because today, they do not look like and do not live like in Disney's fairy tales. You are the queen of your kingdom. Every day. Cheers! Not to new shoes, not to new projects. To you, to who you really are when you take off your clothes and go to sleep. Without makeup. You are the best like that. One and only.

The International Women's Day is celebrated in Serbia since 1914. Equality of the sexes, economic and social freedoms, the same work for the same salary and equality in every sense were acknowledged the last in Europe by the state that is at the top of the list of the most desirable for living - Switzerland. And that was in 1972. The United Nations included 8th March in the holiday calendar in 1975. So, when someone says that there are no rights and justice for women in Serbia, it is easy to conclude that this person is absolutely uninformed.