New events in the city

Regardless of interests, you can expect fantastic end of March throughout the town

Wednesday 27th of March 2019

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Who has not had a chance so far, now is the time to go to the 66th March Festival. The festival of the documentary film will last until 31st March at the Youth Center. A Belgrade event of great importance for the entire society, beside broadcasting of documentaries from different areas, organizes an attractive accompanying programme. Special screenings, expert discussions, interviews with authors and workshops are ready for any question and knowledge exchange.

The last weekend in March is definitely sporty. Pole Dance & Aerial Fest 2019 is scheduled for 30th March from 13:00, and the venue is Dorcol Platz. The debut event of the sporty skills, which consists of a lot of strength, dance and acrobatic skills, is intended for anyone who wants to discover the magic of the probably most popular form of exercise in the whole world. Wear sports outfit and find out when you take up exercising.

If you find this discipline too difficult for you, running surely will not be. Therefore, on Sunday, 31st March, appear at the sports center "Milan Gale Muskatirovic" because the Family Race starts at 10:00. If your closest ones are too busy for a great family event, bring your company or neighbours and check out sports form on a 3 km long track. Even the laziest people will reach the finishing line and fun is guaranteed to everyone because after the race and the announcement of the winner, a music programme, mini-fair and much more follow.

No one has been neglected in the last March days, nor the passionate wine lovers. The reason for coming to the address of the Crowne Plaza Hotel on 30th March from 14:00 is the 11th Wine Style Salon of Wine. Eminent Serbian wines will be in the company of wine bottles from all over the world. With 40 participants and 300 wines that are eagerly waiting for an opinion after tasting, you do not need company. Indulge in the quality and find new favourite wine.