Bus sightseeing tour

Tour “Belgrade your host” is not only for the guests of the city. Residents of the metropolis will equally be impressed

Sunday 7th of April 2019

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Spring in Belgrade equals attractive tourist tours. There is one that relates to staying in far greater capitals. Anyone can apply because it does not require walking or knowledge of Serbian language. Yes, it is open bus sightseeing tour.

The ride lasts 70 minutes, and there are audio guides in nine languages: English, German, French, Turkish, Russian, Italian, Greek, Chinese and, of course, Serbian. Since you will stay outdoors for longer, it is advisable to bring a hat, sunglasses and a sun protection cream.

From the beginning, at Nikola Pasic Square, through the big boulevards and the city center to the most famous sights, you will be able to discover which part of the city is the most attractive to you and what you want to know in detail. Belgrade wind in the hair, the view that cannot be forgotten and a feeling that only metropolises have. Fantastic, isn't it?

After, you should go on a boat sightseeing tour and let Belgrade absolutely enchant you. The Belgrade Fortress, the old and new part of the city, bridges and nature will create an image you will never forget. Open bus ride and boat tour together last about 180 minutes. History, culture and adventure in just three hours. A memory for your whole life.