Exhibitions until the end of the month

A perfect spring refreshment of art programme

Sunday 14th of April 2019

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"Ornament - signs and decorations on the houses of Branicevo" is the latest exhibition of the Ethnographic Museum. The author, Stanko Kostic, an art photographer, wants to preserve the memories of the former dominant aesthetic style which was enriched with various types of decoration. In the past, art used to be all around us. Today it is found in certain places. Mostly. The retrospective of decorations and ornaments will bring you back to some ancient times. Without sadness, but with great admiration. The 5th May is the last day of the exhibition.

A multimedia exhibition of the artistic duo "diSTRUKTURA" called "No Longer and Not Yet" will be at the Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Art until the 13th May. The focus of the exhibition is life within the borders of Savamala. The exhibition is not a collection of photographs once and now in this part of the city but the influence of the wave of changes that is happening. In an artistic survey of how much modernization is disturbing or appealing to the population and the nature, the curator Mirjana Peitler will help selflessly. The authors are Milica Milicevic and Milan Bosnic, young and talented people who graduated and earned PhD in painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 2005.

Manak's house will be home to the exhibition "Raskrsce" (Crossroads) by Goran Ristovic Pokimica by 15th May. One of the rare masters for making art objects of silver in Pristina has packed his own works he is most proud of and brought them to the address of the Belgrade museum so that everyone could personally see how filigree work is fascinating. If you want to get to know the cultural heritage of Serbia, be sure to come to this exhibition.

For the end - the exhibition "The End of the Great War 1917-1918" at the Historical Museum of Serbia. It is a great exhibition devoted to an important jubilee. In addition to original materials, visitors will have a truly great experience with a special scenography, sound and light effects. All this is done with the goal of never forgetting the last painful war years for the Serbian army. Documentaries, weapons, never-published photos, personal items, posters, art paintings and sculptures have been exhibited in order to save from oblivion the Serbian heroes. The authors of the exhibition are Dr Dusica Bojic, Tijana Jovanovic Ceska, Dr Andrej Vujnovic and Nebojsa Damjanovic. A very important exhibition is on the repertoire until 13th November.