The Days of Belgrade 2019

The capital of Serbia celebrates its holiday from 16th to 19th April

Saturday 13th of April 2019

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The traditional manifestation "Days of Belgrade" is held for the 17th time in a row. This year's title of event for all generations is called "A view from the Kalemegdan". Four days of celebrations with a high quality cultural and artistic programme, public guiding and presentation of rich history are ready. Belgraders and dear guests - welcome to the special Belgrade days.

The ceremonial beginning will be marked by presenting of the Awards of the City of Belgrade and immediately follows a gala music programme. Every day at the Belgrade Fortress, there will be concerts of classical music. A special treat for the hearing sense is "Rock and roll concert in cooperation with the Stanislav Binicki Orchestra of the Ministry of Defense" which will gather popular singers and musicians. Far more people will be in front of the stage. Remember the date and time - 17th April from 19:00 because such a music spectacle should simply not be missed.

The offer of cultural and artistic events has never been bigger. The Belgrade City Museum will open almost all of its institutions and visitors will have the opportunity to see different exhibitions. The theater programme will be realized at the Dadov Theater, and the visitors will also be welcomed by the puppet theater Pinokio, Bosko Buha, Dusko Radovic and Bitef Theater. The right attraction will be more than 50 accompanying contents.

On the last day, there will be a grand ceremony marking an important historical event. Namely, on 19th April 1867, Prince Mihailo Obrenovic received the keys of the city from the Turks and, after three centuries, Belgrade became a free Serbian city again. If you did not know why the celebration starts on 16th April, here is the answer. On that date, in 878, the Slavic name Belgrade was mentioned for the first time in a written document – a letter of Pope John VIII to the Bulgarian Khan Boris I.