Belgrade Manifest 2019

"Festival of festivals", Serbia in front of you and the most beautiful view of Belgrade. A lot of names for unique manifestation intended for all generations

Saturday 18th of May 2019

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Belgrade Manifest 2019 is organized at Kalemegdan from 24th to 26th May. Jubilee fifth edition brings even more content which will be presented by the tourist organizations, local food and beverage producers, dear guests from the region, representatives of sports and art. Simply put, the Belgrade Manifest in numbers looks like this:

3 days

5 stages

15 zones

100 programmes

The Belgrade fortress will be swarming with stalls and stages. Divided into zones, easy to find, exhibitors, promoters and a complete set of festival participants will promote their products and services as well as talent for entertainment. Representatives of over 60 municipalities from Serbia will offer tourist arrangements at promotional prices. Craft breweries and local wineries know very well the taste of Belgrade so nobody will be thirsty. Given the impressive number of gastronomic presenters, this will be an authentic party where food has the main role.

Big flying balloons are the symbol of the Belgrade Manifest. Straw sculptures are not so common in the city. All you can imagine - is waiting for you at Kalemegdan.

From the initial idea, to create a festival designed so that families have great time outdoors, even during the premiere, it became much more than a family event. At the same place there were fun and education, promotion of the tourist potential of the whole country and attractive destinations from the neighbourhood. Different games and a lot of different sports. An exhibition of old-timers and associations focused on medieval culture. Modern music and traditional dance. Film screenings, too. The tasting of the best tastes of Serbia with home-made wines and beers is a special story. A very good story. If you want to get to know your country better, come. If you are a guest in the capital of Serbia, do not miss socializing where you will meet Serbia.