The taste of the spring

Many cities are the most beautiful in spring. However, not many of them can throw a gastro party like Belgrade

Friday 10th of May 2019

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London, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Rome, Berlin. They are all now more popular for visiting than in any other season. New York, Tokyo, Hong Kong. Far, but so in-demand destinations. When attractive sights are visited, shopping list is checked, when you take photo of every interesting landscape, at the end - every story is about food. When it comes to food, the capital of Serbia is without competition.

What is eaten in Belgrade this spring, without a doubt, is the most important topic. Ajvar and the other winter food are no longer on the repertoire. Sarma and specialties like it suffer the same fate. Refreshment in the spring has totally different aromas. It is far easier on the stomach, but equally fantastic.

Spring, summer, autumn or winter - it does not matter. Every season is ideal for barbecue. Cevapi (kebab), pljeskavica (burger), vesalica (steak) and ustipci (doughnut-like fried dough balls) are always gladly eaten. Shopska salad instead of urnebes salad and there you have magic in Serbian manner. In case you take care of your diet, grilled chicken or turkey, some radish, scallion (spring onion) and lettuce are good for everyone. Bon appetit.

What are snowdrops for nature, those are sorrel rolls for gastronomy. They are the best heralds of the spring. Now they are regular in the menu. They will not be long there. Take advantage of the invitation for socializing with a portion of tradition.

Catching fresh fish in Belgrade used to be mission impossible. It is not like that anymore. Quality fish restaurants purchase the catch of hardworking fishermen from the Danube on daily basis or from best distributors of sea fish. The location, the choice of colours in the interior or music may not suit you. Food not at all. Healthy, actually the healthiest diet offers a diversity of innovations. Choose a restaurant to your own taste and check out everything.

Sushi bars and restaurants are modern. Now, they are especially in vogue. They serve fish, yet in an exotic way. They boost the energy and help eliminate caloric souvenirs from the epoch called delicious winter. Interesting and different. Chinese food, although it has been on Belgrade streets for a while, does not stop attracting the audience. Famous spring rolls, pieces of meat in aromatic sauces, large portions of vegetables. Perfect meal in the spring.