Weekend live gigs

A break from parties and DJs is not at home or out of town in nature. The real relaxation is with a powerful musical programme. Live one

Tuesday 21st of May 2019

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Band SiZiP is a guest at the Zappa Barka boat-based club on Friday 24th May from 22:00 to 05:00. A great creative five from Belgrade sings and plays just about everything they like. Always in their arrangement and their own way. While listening and preparing songs performed by Pharrell Williams, Scatman and other foreign musicians, they closely follow happenings on the local scene.

Stefan Zdravkovic, Dusan Pavlovic, Igor Sreckovic, Petar Kamber and Aleksandar Janosevic will play everything from Zdravko Colic to legendary songs by Chemical Brothers on Friday. Refreshing as the May sun, unforgettable as the first warm evenings in the new season. Presence is more than desirable.

Tito is not alive for 39 years, but one of the holidays that irresistibly reminds of the communist era, the Youth Day, continues to be marked. Quite logically, the special programme was prepared by the Museum of Yugoslavia. For this year's celebration, the Trese Lupa Udara band is selected and they will play from 20:00 to 23:00. Koja from Disciplina Kicme, Svaba from Elektricni Orgazam and Vul, also from Disciplina Kicme are members of this band. Considering that their mother bands marked the Yugoslav rock, there could not be a better choice. The fusion of retro and new groove is a perfect choice for Saturday night under the open sky.

Coincidence or not, but another successful musician whose verses are synonym for the era when YU rock was indisputable, Dr. Nele Karajlic, a doctor for music, is coming to Tasmajdan on Saturday 25th May. This is his first major solo concert and starts at exactly 20:00. By midnight, the legendary Nele will conjure up a period when "Zabranjeno pusenje", the band he originated from, was rocking the former Yugoslavia. He will not skip the working phase with "No Smoking Orchestra", nor solo work. It will be emotional. Old, yet always up-to-date. Going back to the past and a ticket for the future. The way only Nele knows how.