What vegans eat

Meat stop. Long term thermal processing not at all. Close to vegetarians but not the same. Veganism is sovereignly ruling the whole city

Friday 17th of May 2019

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Vegans are people with the biggest smile when somebody asks them the question: "What do you eat when you do not eat meat?" Vegan diet is infinitely varied. It took some time to become popular in Belgrade. Observed from the present, veganism has won over many people. For many reasons.

Vegans beginners need practice at the beginning. It is a misconception that this is an incomprehensible philosophy. It is far easier to prepare, for example, a rich salad than fry the steak so it is both juicy inside and crispy from outside. Fortunately, there are addresses where the vegan cuisine is the kingdom of taste.

Vegan restaurants in Belgrade are ideal places for getting to know but also for eternal socializing with this type of diet. Well-informed, educated and specially trained chefs are always in the mood to create a specialty to remember out of simple ingredients. Vegan restaurants are chronically crowded. Free places are a rare scenario. If you are just thinking about whether this type of diet is for you, come here. You will understand that it is.

It is essential to eliminate toxins found in food. Most feel the weight and need for sleep after a meal. Vegans do not. They are full of energy after their health portions. It is good to know that vegan diet is not only focused on how to prepare food. It pays equal attention to the origin of food. It is insisted on organic ingredients. Homemade products, without chemical treatments, purchased first-hand from peasants in the markets are must have. Belgrade restaurants and agricultural farms from all over Serbia are very friendly with high business goals. That every man, every day, works more and more on himself and that he has the healthiest diet possible.

Vegan cuisine is the ideal diet for those who want to live healthier and longer. It excludes industrially processed food, the main culprit for many diseases. Vegetable, fruit, cold pressed oils, cereals and legumes are its base. It is diametrically opposed to the traditional Serbian cuisine. No animal origin is allowed. 100% vegans do not even use cosmetic products tested on animals.

Scientists have proved that veganism has medicinal effects on humans. Who chooses a raw life, he does not have symptoms of allergies, excess weight, high blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar. Consultations with a doctor are necessary before going vegan. You should not do it on your own.