Dev9t Festival

International multi-art concept that has room for everything and everybody

Wednesday 12th of June 2019

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Festival Dev9t 2019 is held as always in a well-known place - Ciglana from 14th to 22nd June. The event dedicated to absolutely free artistic expression this year is called "Alchemy". The motto is still unchanged. Creation (Art On) is the message that Dev9t has been getting across all these years.

The content of the "Devetka" will equally excite both the numerous participants and the ever more numerous audience. Interactive exhibitions, workshops and a variety of performances are just the categories of the programme that will mark the fifth edition. For a complete insight into the unique artistic union, live presence is necessary.

Music programme has never been better. The first day, 14th June and the ceremonial music opening will be marked by LP Duo, Sonja Loncar and Andrija Pavlovic. They are composers and pianists who combine classical, contemporary and electronic music into a special form. That is right, special, yet different will be from 21:00 when their performance begins.

Graham Candy is guest on 16th June from 14:00. A well-known name of the world scene wins over crowd through author's and team work with other musicians. Uncompromising talent with the Belgrade sunset will be an event that should not be missed. Favourites of electro pop nation will take over the main stage on the next day. From 17:00 to 02:00, on 17th June, Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance - Bob Moses will be in charge of the great mood. There will be no less fun even on 18th June when Dev9t 2019 will host a very much in-demand dance music producer from San Francisco. He is Behrouz Nazari and brings the rhythm you will not resist. Singer-songwriter and producer Steffen Linck - Monolink is coming to the capital on 19th June, followed by a real spectacle.

Ladies and gentlemen, on 20th June, exactly at 17:00, a long-awaited performance begins. Right from Israel, the original duo is coming. They are Red Axes. They are both a live gig and pure clubbing. They find inspiration for their music in all genres. That is why they are very much in-demand all over the world. Do not miss the opportunity to experience an explosion of emotions that Dev9t Festival creates. See you in Ciglana!