There are a lot of festivals, but there is only one Guca

Western Serbia hides many towns. The town of Dragacevo and Guca are not a secret. Not just for the country. For the whole world

Saturday 27th of July 2019

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Guca 2019 is organized from 8th to 11th August. The best trumpet orchestras will compete for the number one place. Svadbarski kupus and other local culinary recipes will, with the sound of the trumpet, cause great and well-deserved applause. What cannot be told and described is the atmosphere. That is why this is not just a music festival. Guca is more than anything you can experience.

The 59th Dragacevo Trumpet Festival ceremoniously begins on 8th August at 11:00. The traditional opening of the festival at the Guca trumpeter statue in the center of Guca will mark the beginning of a new festival that the whole planet will report on. Expect the loudest music live because domestic spectacle cannot do otherwise. That is exactly what Guca is. An unrepeatable madness.

Every morning, exactly at 07:00, the programme will begin with a street concert called Trubacka budilica (Trumpet alarm clock). Visitors of the festival will have the opportunity to listen to different trumpeters from all over the country and the planet throughout the day and night. A cultural and artistic programme will be organized simultaneously.

Guests from abroad will surely have fun with old folk games such as throwing stones from the shoulders, wrestling, long jump and shooting apples through the ring. Art exhibitions, book fair, tourism fair, presentations of companies, the most beautiful folk costume pageant are a small part of the great event that represents the tradition and culture of Serbia in a magnificent edition.

The big finale starts on 11th August at 19:00 with the announcement of the winner of Guca 2019. An hour later, Dejan Lazarevic will come to the stage and his concert will last until 22:30. The continuation of joy and the definitive end of this year's gathering in Dragacevo will be marked by the concert of Tropiko band.