Beer Fest 2019

120 free concerts, a lot of beer and even more unbelievable energy

Monday 5th of August 2019

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Belgrade Beer Fest will be held from 14th to 18th August at Usce Park. Powerful sound, great organization, endless beer offers, perfect accompanying programme. For the young, for a bit older and for those with serious life experience. This event in Belgrade should not be missed.

The music programme of the 17th Beer Fest is organized on four stages - Main stage, Alternative stage, Groove stage and Bunt stage. Big music zones will host over 100 performers.

The main stage is reserved for the following performers: Johnny Mar, Eyesburn, Negativ, Rock Opera, Vojko V, Brkovi, Bombaj stampa, Magnifico, Atheist Rap, Bjesovi, Elemental, Artan Lili, YU Grupa, Kerber, Urban & 4, Sharks Snakes & Planes, Van Gogh, Tap 011, Elektricni orgazam, Atomsko skloniste, Dzoni Rankovic, Bilja Krstic, Perper, Majke, Blaza, Orthodox Celts, Zion Train, Dejan Cukic and KKN.

Alternative stage is a place where Crazy Town, Nikola Vranjkovic, Zoster, Djordje Miljenovic, Obojeni program, Fit, Goran Trajkovski (Mizar), TBF, Koala Voice, Kralj Cacka, Kojoti, Turisti, Virvel, Plejboj, Navy ne obecava, Veliki prezir, Zona B, Nikola Cuturilo, Maika, Straight Monkey and the Boys, 16x8x23, Bella Technika, Autopark, Zvuk ulice, Cotton Pickers, Covek bez sluha, Hadzi prodane duse, Lole i Radio Blues Band and Mladen Pecovic will present themselves.

Groove stage will bring explosion of energy thanks to musicians Sana Garic, Samostalni referenti, Irish Stew, Buc Kesidi, Dza ili Bu, Majdan, RIB, Stuttgart Online, Dram, Mooncage, Vizelj, Last Thrill, Kisobran, Cassidys Brewery, Kika, Ljubicice, Ogenj, Lost Propelleros and Punkreas.

The fourth and equally attractive music story is called the Bunt stage. Sanja Tisma, Skadrila, Crossroad, Lagana sreda, 5 Minuta slave, Nemesis, Logicka greska, Crossover, Zerotwo, Bolesna stenad, Natalee, Herz, Wajz, Sindrom, Verica Marinkovic band, Sergio Lounge, Empathy soul project, Maera, Reci cimet, Lion Haze, Larska, Viva Vops, Kora, Sitzpinker, Rok u ponoc, Keni nije mrtav, The Filters, Dingospo Dali, Random and Slonz will perform only for the audience eager to listen to the rhythm without censorship.

Domestic and foreign beers will compete throughout the area. CraftLand is a galaxy of craft beers where the most famous and top quality representatives of local tastes will take the lead. Label lovers will find their happiness in an oasis called Embassy of beer. Prominent manufacturers from the region, Europe, across America, even to far away Japan. Just about everything you think of is waiting for you in a special section of the beer programme.

It is now quite clear now that the Beer Fest 2019 spectacle should not be missed. Everyone straight to unforgettable fun in the open. Everyone straight to Usce!