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Saturday and Sunday are the days for fun this week. They are certainly not for house cleaning nor preparing lunch. Here is why

Wednesday 21st of August 2019

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It is already time for a new party at the Museum of Yugoslavia. The one for goodbye for summer 2019. "YU Vinyl Evening" is scheduled for Saturday, 24th August starting at 19:00. The weather will be on the side of good vibes so absence will not be tolerated. Milos Rados, i.e. DJ F.U.N.K.cioner and Tetkine Radosti from Slovenia bring a lot of vinyl with them. This is going to be a totally groovy party from the era of Yugoslav beat. There will be many more here. That is why it is important that you come.

The "Great Summer Dance Party" is a great event where you can totally relax and move your hips. Dorcol Platz is the place where a Latin adventure will be held. On Saturday, from 20:00 to 24:00, besides the hot energy, you can expect perfectly well-trained dancers who will gladly share their knowledge.

Oh, that Sunday! Replace mops, pots and boring family with perfect music. The "Cvijeta Zuzoric" Art Pavilion is not a place for a nice concert. What follows is more than just music. It is called "All That Jazz" and is dedicated to Radio Belgrade's 95th birthday. Big Bend RTS, Bilja Krstic, Beti Djordjevic, Bisera Veletanlic, Nada Pavlovic, Zafir Hadzimanov and Zarko Dancuo are musicians that will make you remember 25th August only for amazing music. The free spectacle starts at 20:00 and lasts until 22:00. Two hours of unique enjoyment that really should not be missed.

By chance or not, but this is the weekend when records lead the way. On Sunday, 25th August, the "August Record Market" will be organized in the Youth Center from 10:00 to 14:00. The three-decade-old gathering is a reason for coming to a well-known address and exchanging preserved original records and discs. Music stories plus everyday topics equals a monthly meeting to remember.