Christmas 2021

Happiness, love and joy are immune to corona virus so enjoy to the fullest joy that is coming to Serbian homes

Wednesday 6th of January 2021

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The calendar shows page 2021. It would be okay to serve old, ordinary days, suitcases by the door, crowds at the airport, hustle and bustle in all zones. Probably the only good side of this modern reality is that there is finally enough time for the closest ones. Well, just such a Christmas is coming - only in a family circle, with few guests and a lot of dedication.

The 7th January, the day when Christmas is celebrated, is the ideal day for the feast to be really homemade. Perfect time to try out a new recipe for Christmas bread. There is enough free space for unique handmade gifts to become your other name. There has never been a better excuse to indulge in the magic of the holidays and enjoy every bite. Let the filters for the best photos take care of glamour and shine, do not bother about anything.

Forget about everyday worries. Turn off the sources of information, at least for a while, and instead of annoying numbers, find the phone number of a long-forgotten friend. The days for sharing good vibes are coming. Nothing like Christmas opens people's hearts. Be healthy, be happy, think positive, love.

Peace from God, Christ is born!