Instagram against reality

Only for fans of reality nicely packed in filters. Please come in, don't be shy

Saturday 7th of August 2021

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The coffee that you didn't snap a picture of is a coffee that you might as well haven't drunk. Going shopping without going live with the question of what to buy is possible, but only in a dream. Why go out anywhere if no one is gonna see it or comment on it online?

The uninformed will say: impossible. Those who are always available for their Instagram community are smiling and already thinking about what to post next. Like it or not, life is lived out on this social network.

Kim Kardashian still holds the record for the number of likes on a post. Celebrities would not be what they are if they didn't use every tool available to them. When you get your very own filter, happiness is through the roof.

Don't post news about anything, if you don't have an adequate hashtag. Answer the questions of your followers on Fridays. Always be able to receive comments and replies in your "DMS". Oh, those rules ...

Instagram is probably the only "place" with so many always happy, beautiful, handsome, and always young people.

Is all of the above true? Of course not. Should the modification made to facts be challenged? Absolutely not.

Don't compare your face with someone else's because theirs has undergone serious processing. Don't think that only you have nothing to wear because most of the wardrobe is shown to be promoted and sold. Don't fall prey to overnight wealth courses because those who know how to make money don't have time to make enticing videos. If you do a little research, you will see that Warren Buffett does not use Instagram, for example.

All of this is just fun and a way to get a message across. Relax, scroll through the feed, follow the interesting ones, and block the annoying ones. And remember, it is much more important how much coffee you drank in reality with real people than what the number of red hearts under your post is.