New public transport system in Belgrade

Public transport according to new rules and prices from 1st May

Tuesday 18th of April 2023

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Simpler, cheaper, more efficient. This is what public transport in Belgrade should look like with the announced changes that come into effect on May 1.

What is changing in public transport?

- the city traffic network is divided into two zones

- a daily ticket for 90 minutes will cost 50 dinars

- all-day ticket 120 dinars

- a ticket for 7 days in one zone will cost 800 dinars, and for two zones 1,000 dinars

- a monthly ticket for one zone will cost 2,500 dinars, or 3,500 for two zones

- for an annual ticket in one zone it will be necessary to pay 25,000 dinars, for two 35,000 dinars

- for primary and secondary school students under the age of 19 and over 65, transportation is free

- privileged categories of passengers will pay a monthly ticket of 1,000 dinars

- a payment system is being introduced via a free application, by sending an SMS message or at the points of sale of the Public Company "Transport Service Billing"

What is being abolished in public transport?

- buying tickets from the driver

- charge for night driving: from midnight to four in the morning it will be free for all passengers

- validators in transport

- entry at the front door, from now on entry will be at all doors

- the controllers will no longer check the passengers, it will be done by the communal police (municipal police) - Beli, and the penalty for driving without a ticket remains the same.