Jerry's Restaurant Dedinje - this name is written in gold letters on Belgrade gastronomic map. Both expert critics and numerous audiences agree that this place is a unique exclusive. Guided by the highest standards, the famous address will pamper you and delight your senses. Not just the first time, but forever.

A festive feeling under the palate is created by a first-class steak offering. The dry aged process and the superb skill of preparation and serving have made everyone a fan of a quality, endlessly juicy piece of meat.

A rich menu includes breakfast, appetizers, soups and stews, salads and salad meals, pasta, risotto, main courses, already known and popular steaks, fish, vegetarian meals, desserts. The complete children's menu clearly indicates that this is not a restaurant just for special occasions in special company.

The interior is nothing else but exceptional luxury. Powerful solid wood, leather armchairs, magic of striking colours and great lighting. Already at the entrance, you will want to stay in a prestigious area forever. Like editorials in world magazines, this design is breathtaking.

The lush greenery surrounding the restaurant is the ideal partner for waking up and anti-stress meetings. Unobtrusive and professional service will make a well-prepared business meeting even better. The possibilities that Jerry's in Dedinje offers are exactly what you want for yourself and your loved ones. For every day as well as for special occasions. Welcome to the paradise for enjoying yourselves in style.