Lorenzo & Kakalamba


OPENS AT 12:00

What are the sights such as the Monument to Prince Mihailo and the Victor for Belgrade, that is Lorenzo & Kakalamba for restaurants. Gastronomic tourist attraction is regularly visited for several reasons. The first one is absolutely authentic interior. In the kingdom of chic, kitsch, extravagance and original artistic freedom, Queen Spaghettina is the one that is in charge. Nobody knows when she was born or who her relatives are. The only thing known is that she is handmade of spaghetti and other pasta. And that she is absolutely irreplaceable in her reign.

The masterpiece is not lonely. It is just the beginning. In this restaurant goat is grazing grass on the ceiling, The Smurfs are playing in the whole area, sculptures from Florence are reproduced in a comical way, and a genuine Pirot embroidery on carpets and jars keep them company. Artistic photographs, cartoon characters, unusual materials, furniture like from a fairy tale. It sounds impossible, but all this is in one restaurant. That is why you need to visit it immediately.

After countless times of taking photos, it is time to go to the menu. It is not a rich offer of food and drink, that is a spectacle for all senses. The restaurant owner graduated the Apicius Academy and has become Master Chief of the Toscany cuisine. Her culinary mentors from Florence, London and Amsterdam gave her the knowledge and demonstrated state of the art food preparation techniques, which includes preparing traditional dishes from Toscany and preparing international dishes.

The whole philosophy originated from the idea that people experience Florence and Pirot in one place. The fusion of two different cultures and tastes is not a mission impossible but a favourite combination. It has been so since 2011, from the first days of the restaurant's work. Yes, sausages, dried peppers, lamb, burrata, pasta and mascarpone can be under the same roof.

In addition to other awards, Lorenzo & Kakalamba restaurant owns a prestigious award "Ambassador Luce" from the Toscany Wine house "Luce Della Vita". This title was delivered to the owner of the restaurant on 20th September 2016, in the presence of numerous personalities from Belgrade, Pirot and other parts of Serbia.

This recognition is a confirmation of gastronomic and tourist prestige and it has been awarded only 40 times worldwide. In Eastern Europe, only 4 awards were delivered, and none in the former Yugoslavia, besides the one owned by the owner of the restaurant Lorenzo & Kakalamba.