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The hunting story is located in the central part of the city that never sleeps. If you decide to sit in the garden, perhaps the biggest in Vracar, you will not have the feeling that you are a few steps away from the busiest city streets. The interior is a witness that hunting secrets are kept here and hunting stories are constantly told. Relaxing atmosphere is great for talking with friends and for a bit forgotten enjoyment in traditional way.

The gastronomic offer of Belgrade is a brand by itself due to which many people come to the capital of Serbia. The "Lovac" restaurant is one of those places that promote the city in the most delicious way. There are many recipes for delicious meals but they are not crucial for success. But love for work, a professional attitude towards every guest and dishes that are prepared with many emotions are. All this can be felt right at the door of the famous restaurant.

The specialty of the house "Cumur na stolu" (Charcoal on the table) is a real attraction. A rich selection of mixed meat is served on a small hot barbecue that is placed on the table - in front of the guest. While meat is being grilled, prepare your stomach for an unrepeatable spectacle with a special brandy "Bojkovcanka". This drink was regularly consumed by members of the Karadjordjevic family. It was ten years in the mulberry barrel. Since this is primarily a restaurant that fantastically makes venison specialties, try venison paprikas with homemade gnocchi and pancetta. You will understand why there is always a big crowd. The best way to end enjoying is to take Tito's cremeschnitte from Bled. Unusual sweet magic.