Milosev konak



There are numerous restaurants in Belgrade. However, there is only one restaurant in unique Topcider Park. Perfectly housed in a building that Milos Obrenovic once used personally. Yesterday, the day before yesterday, in reverse until before World War II. Ever since then, people have been enjoying under the canopy of magnificent harmony. A space that still wins at the first meeting. Milosev konak is a restaurant with no shelf life. An eternal gastronomic oasis where you lose track of the time.

Guests who choose a place for themselves solely for the food love this address. The rich offer wins over since morning. Breakfast, such that it has the power to wake up even the biggest sleepyhead, is the main topic as the city gets the rhythm for a new adventure.

The continuation of great flavours is on throughout the day. Cold appetizers, cheeses, salads, warm appetizers, soups and stews. Prominent gastronomic representatives make the perfect introduction to the pride of the kitchen. Choose as you wish! Fish, shrimps, grilled meat and meat under the bell, special orders and unavoidable desserts will leave you speechless.

Guests who want quality food and drinks and something special are regular. Impressive architecture, specific charm and a different atmosphere leave an indelible mark. If you want to have a collection of the most beautiful memories, be sure to visit this restaurant.

An outdoor playroom will delight the youngest ones. As soon as they want a break from playing, there is a specially created children's menu. The unusually clear air in the central city area is one more reason why audiences of all generations, with a big smile on their faces, explore the magic called Milosev konak every day.