Velika Skadarlija


OPENS AT 09:00

The Velika Skadarlija is located at the very end of the iconic bohemian zone that is resisting trends and carefully nourishing the spirit of old times. National and international specialties with homemade wine are served by friendly, kind staff. The music program follows the whole story and it can relax you after a busy day, or lift your spirits when there is a cause for gathering of friends and family. A great place for everyone who wants to get to know Bohemian culture and history.

It is known that the citizens of Belgrade represent Skadarlija and her charms with special pride. Invite dear people, grab the most beautiful view and indulge yourself with the true quality and tastes that you will remember. Start enjoying Halloumi grilled cheese with nut, continue with the best-selling home-made products, and naturally, sweeten yourself in the style of ancient times. Bon appetit.