Kafana Kafana



Tavern is pleasure. Tavern is joy. Tavern is love. Tavern is life. When all that what a tavern represents is duplicated, the restaurant Kafana Kafana is what you get. The place where everyone feels like at home is the perfect place for every day. Come alone. Take your colleagues with you. Organize a family lunch. Celebrate an important day. It will be nicer than you have ever imagined.

A traditional, yet special interior welcomes with same ardour regular guests and those who come to the home of the famous Serbian hospitality for the first time. Sit wherever you want, relax and indulge in the magic of national cuisine and friendly staff. For your every wish, good people and then professionals are at your disposal.

There is no accounting for taste. Especially not in this restaurant. Firstly, because every meal is prepared exclusively with fresh foods. The freezer is not allowed to stay in the kitchen. Secondly, for each specialty, the best recipe was looked for a long time and then, from theory to practice. Although veal and lamb are literally sticking to fingers, veal cutlets often appear in dreams while smoked carp seduces even those who think they do not like fish. The process of preparation is constantly improving. The sweet gastronomic end is guaranteed by home-made tulumba and cremeschnitte.

Kafana Kafana is widely known for quality Serbian wines. White, rose or red wine served with homemade cheese, kajmak and prosciutto become more than a relaxing ritual. Make sure you do not rush anywhere and wait for the evening when live music starts. After the first meeting, it will be completely clear why this place is loved.