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Dedinje is the elite neighbourhood of Belgrade, known for its luxury villas, high gates and the many celebrities who live there. In Dedinje there is Beli dvor, the royal residence. Altogether, it is the most classy part of Belgrade.

Dedinje spreads on the slopes of the Topcider hill, south of the street Teodora Drajzera and Ljutice Bogdana toward Banjica, west from Banjica forest and east from the valley of the Topcider river. All the beauty and the population density Dedinje and Topcider hill owe to the longsightedness of King Aleksandar Karadjordjevic and his idea of building his own castle there.

Dedinje is mentioned in geographical maps from the eighteenth century as "Dedinberg" which means Dedinje hill. Before the World War II, on this hill prominent and respected merchants, politicians and ministers - creme society of that time had built houses and summer houses.

Dedinje is one of the most beautiful and greenest parts of the city. In addition to the Royal Palace, there is also House of Flowers and the Museum of Yugoslav History. A large number of embassies and diplomatic residences are located in Dedinje, so part of the settlement not far from the Red Star stadium is called Diplomatic Colony. Dedinje is one of the most visited location of city where thousands of tourists meet Serbian history every year.