What to do in the city this week

We present Belgrade from day to day. Well-known places have a perfect programme that makes famous atmoshere the best one

Monday 10th of June 2019

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The Flower Show in Park Manjez is an ideal event for the beginning of the new week. Under the name "Sun and Flowers", from 09:00 to 19:00 until 16th June, dozens of vendors of green seedlings and flower decorations in countless editions will be presented. During the traditional flower fair, visitors will be able to discover all the secrets of breeding flowers and other plants, and at the same time to renovate decorative and accompanying equipment.

"Our Beautiful Serbia" is an impressive event organized by the Kovac restaurant on Tuesday 11th June from 20:00. Wine evening, where quality selected wines from Serbia will be at the center of attention, and the well-known gastronomic tastes of the legendary restaurant will surely create an unforgettable fantasy for all senses. A special event will also be marked by the expert lecture and excellent live music. People are always very interested in this festival, and the number of places is limited. So book your place by phone +381 63 415215 as soon as possible and have time you deserve. The best!

Wednesday 12th June is the right day to visit the 21st Festival of Nitrate Film (The Nitrate Picture Show) which is held under the slogan "70 Movies for 70 Years". The great jubilee deserves all congratulations and praise for the great contribution to Serbian cinematography. Until 16th June, the Yugoslav Cinematheque and the Museum of the Yugoslav Cinematheque will show perfect film achievements.

Dok'n'Ritam is a festival of documentary music film that starts on Thursday 13th June and will last until Sunday 16th June. The fourth musical-film festival is called "Mi smo na putu, mi pravimo put". Movies, debates, workshops and a lot of music will be organized in the Students’ City Cultural Centre, the Youth Center and Dorcol Platz.

On Friday 14th June, go to Surcin. The 10th Bojcin Cultural Summer is on-going and at exactly 19:00, the performance "Poetic Kiss from Russia" begins which will show the connection between Serbian and Russian art. Ivana Zigon and Aleksandar Curkan are the actors. A great excuse for escaping from the center.

"Belgrade tango weekend" in June edition promises shaking hips. Professionals and amateurs are welcome to Theater 78 where they will dance to sensual tango rhythm of DJ music on Saturday 15th June from 14:30 to 19:00. If you have never been, be sure to come. It is not difficult, but it is infinitely fun.

The Museum of Yugoslavia promises an absolutely fabulous end of the week. In its park, on Sunday from 12:00 to 20:00, it organizes "Picnic in the Museum" for all generations. Take your pets, pack a blanket and other picnic needs that you need to stay in nature. Rogi band and DJ Stevie Whisper, Feloneezy and Do the Math will be in charge of the rhythm. Selected Belgrade caterers for food and drink. Whenever you want, you will be able to see the current exhibition in the museum. Everything in one place. Everything for a perfect day in the city.