Filmski grad

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Filmski grad (Film City) is a Belgrade suburb in the municipality of Cukarica. It was built in the 90's of the last century, and belongs to the newer parts of the city for living. It was named after the film recording studio, which is located nearby, in the forest Kosutnjak.

Getting into account the fact that Filmski grad (the City of Movie) is integral part of Kosutnjak, the greenest part of Belgrade, it is clear that this is an ideal location for nature lovers. A variety of parks, forests and recreational center "Kosutnjak" cordially invite guests to come and experience peace and relaxation far from the city center. Sports and recreational complex has courts for football, athletics, volleyball, basketball, handball, 5 outdoor and one indoor swimming pool.

At the foot of the hill Kosutnjak, where once was the hunting ground of the family Obrenovic, is the source of Hajducka fountain(faucet).