Old Palace

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The Old Palace, the residence of the Serbian Obrenovic dynasty, was built in the period between 1882 and 1884, according to the design of Aleksandar Bugarski in the architectural style of academism. The intent was to build an edifice that would surpass all former residences of Serbian rulers.

The Old Palace is linked to some important events that took place at the time when Obrenovic dynasty was at the peak of political power. The building was constructed after Serbia had been proclaimed kingdom. It is in this building that King Milan abdicated in favor of his son Aleksandar in 1889. During the coup d’etat in May 1903, King Aleksandar and Queen Draga were assassinated and their bodies were thrown out of palace window. That was the end of Obrenovic dynasty.

In the period between 1903 and 1914 the Old Palace was the residence of Karadjordjevic dynasty. Until 1941 the building was used to host court parties and for the reception of distinguished foreign guest. After the bombing of Belgrade on April 6th, 1941, the palace was damaged. Restoration and redesigning lasted until 1947, when it became a home to the Presidium of the National Assembly, government of the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia and Federal Executive Council and from 1961 on, the Belgrade City Assembly.