The House of King Peter I

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After returning from the World War I, King Peter the First Karadjordjevic moved into this house which belonged to the merchant Djordje Pavlovic. He spent the last two years of his life and eventually died right here. The status of the museum the house received during the 1920's and the right of arranging and managing it was obtained by the Ministry of Education. Soon the adaptation started and the museum started to work and since 2010, it has become a modern cultural center.

Today, the house of Karadjordjevic is a representative multifunctional facility dedicated to the organization of cultural events. Exhibitions, concerts, literary evenings, performances, creative and educational workshops, conferences and fashion shows form the content that is often realized here.

In 2013, the municipality of Savski venac merged the house with the Children's Cultural Center "Majdan" and since then, these facilities have been functioning as a single unit. The garden around the house is protected as an environment of the cultural monument and in it grow trees of magnolia and ginkgo that are protected natural good.