Hand Made Festival

The Festival of hand made items, organized for the fifth time in Belgrade, invites all interested creative people to apply for participation while visitors can expect a wide offer of works of art

Friday 23rd of June 2017

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Hand Made Festival takes place on 25th June from 12:00 to 20:00, and Dorcol Platz is the venue of this fifth in a row event. This is a great opportunity to buy unique jewelry, clothes or authentic souvenirs for your loved ones or yourself, since this event has exhibiting and selling character. True gathering of hand made trends in Belgrade scheduled for the end of June will enthrall lovers of specific items that are unique and don`t have a single copy. Manifestation is for all creative people who create wearable art and who like to meet the future owners of their works of art on the stop.

Dorcol Platz is art - exhibition space open for all creative people. This a place where people, eager for cultural and social changes, meet and jointly plead. The mission of this place is changing society and local community through culture, education, fun, sport and technology. This place tends to become the center of social and cultural development due to the integration of renowned and unrecognized local and foreign artists, scientists, students and all people who support this idea. The association of artists and their followers, thanks to their efforts and hard work, often organizes events that put every form of artistic expression into the center of downtown happenings.