The lord of the taste - Burek

Gastronomic report about the legendary specialty that is simply loved and guide for the best burek in Belgrade

Sunday 8th of October 2017

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Burek is much more than food, it is an iconic edible symbol of rich tradition and turbulent history, a favorite dough specialty among all social layers, and knowing where to eat the perfect famous specialty in Belgrade is information worth its weight in gold. An absolute winner of taste, a favorite delicacy of experienced gourmands is the most popular dish in the Balkans and is made in different ways and it is stuffed with various ingredients. In Belgrade, a real burek is the one that is stuffed with cheese or minced meat, and for many, the biggest favorite is empty one.

Numerous world magazines have written numerous lines about burek, describing it as delicious and very greasy food, while the Guardian magazine from the UK has estimated that the burek is one of the top 10 fast food dishes on the planet. A real burek is very caloric and it leaves a massive greasy trace on paper on which it is packed and it is a symbol of "fighting" against modern food that does not allow gourmet cuisine like this and it is a real rebellion against global trends. With cevapi (a grilled dish of minced meat) and sarma (cabbage rolls), it is certainly the most popular dish originating from distant history and Serbian cuisine.

Below find out where the best burek is made in Belgrade.

1. Bakery Trpkovic

A favorite among the burek lovers. The long lines at any time of the day tell you how much a favorite specialty is brought to the perfection at this address. It is rumoured that their pizza burek is a serious competitor with traditionally stuffed, with cheese or meat. Get really hungry and try for yourself how skilful family Trpkovic is.

2. Kircanski

A bakery that makes such a burek that people talk about it beyond the borders of the country. An authentic old-fashioned interior and very kind sellers will cut out the piece of burek that seem to be the most delicious, and when you're here, try the salt bread rolls. Taste that is not forgotten at the first bit solves the mystery why burek is a favorite dish in Belgrade.

3. Kod Ljupceta

Another bakery that is on the list of mandatory places for the most delicious breakfast. The old, proven recipe of the real burek attracts a great number of admirers of high-calorie experience, and as buying burek at this place passes from one generation to another, it is clear that Mr. Ljupce has a lot of knowledge and incredible skills.

4. Bakery Rankovic

Even though you are away from the city center, this does not mean that you will remain without a great burek. A proven recipe that does not change and does not deviate from the highest quality standard will make you love the burek here on the first bite. Bon appetit.

Burek through history

The name comes from the Turkish word börek, and is believed to have originated in Turkey. The preserved documents say that it was at the Sultan's table in the 15th century. It has always been sold in bakeries or shops that are specialized in the production and sale of burek, and they are called buregdzinice. The first burekdzinica in Serbia was opened in Novi Pazar in 1489, and a recipe for the Serbian burek was created in Nis in 1498 when it was made by renowned Turkish baker Mehmed Oglu from Istanbul. Nis is considered the capital of the burek, and in support of this is the manifestation organized every year, the Buregdzijada, where the most experienced buregdzije (burek makers) show their skills. Right here, the smallest and largest burek in the world was made. The smallest was baked in a beer bottle cap and the largest had an area of ​​8 square meters and a weight of 200 kilograms.

Modern trends have brought a variety of tastes, in an attempt to change the tradition, such as burek with chocolate cream or with a taste of pizza. We recommend that you first try the genuine, and for the best impression, be sure to combine burek and yogurt.