City events in the beginning of February 2018

Maybe it is cold, but it certainly is not boring

Sunday 28th of January 2018

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January slowly leaves the calendar. It will have to wait patiently to come back in line. Belgrade has begun the 2018 in a great rhythm and absolutely removed the monotony as a state of consciousness. Literally at every step there is some interesting event. February took over the same code and, already at the beginning, brings entertainment, challenges and artistic manifestations. A totally different programme convincingly wins the winter.

The Governmental Beekeeping Fair is organized at the Hall 2 of the Belgrade Fair on 3rd and 4th February. The jubilee tenth manifestation bears the symbolic name - "Sweet Fair". Large international event gathers lovers and various producers of honey. The programme is extremely interesting, and in addition to selling quality products, exhibitions, educational, tourist and economic activities will be presented. Fair prices bring discounts and surprises. An excellent event for buying honey and other bee products. The organizer of the famous fair is the Association of Beekeeping Organizations of Serbia (Savez pcelarskih organizacija Srbije).

The exhibition "Iconostasis of Light. Iconographic Stained Glass by Adam Stalony-Dobrzański" was placed in the Temple of St. Sava. The magnificent works of this artist, mystic, theologian and Orthodox iconographer coming from Poland have now arrived in Belgrade. Stained glasses represent the hieroglyphic Hagia Sophia, the Good Shepherd, the Apostle, Mary and Jesus, the angels, the saints, the Old Testament prophets and others who are in this rich composition. In the form of installation, made of monumental reproduction of stained glass on the basis of the temple of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople.

It is only part of the rich heritage that remained after the Polish artist. He painted exclusively religious premises and left behind thirty-two polychromes and stained-glass compositions in a total of 37 temples of different faiths. He painted about 200 stained-glasses of a total area of ​​one thousand square meters. The organizers of the exhibition are the Ministry of Culture and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland with the blessing of the patriarch Irinej and it is a prominent event within the manifestation "Christmas Village at the Temple". The exhibition was set on 17th January and will last until 10th February.

Belgrade Underpants Run 2018 is a real challenge for the brave. The Belgrade Running Club organizes the 1,600-meter long run at the Danube Quay, near the 25. maj sports center ie "Milan Gale Muskatirovic" on 4th February at noon. Of course, no wardrobe. For the second year in a row, people who have no problem to be seen in the underwear will show their fitness. After the race, all participants will warm themselves in sauna with mulled wine or tea. There is a prize for the best costume - underwear, and it is massage with hot chocolate.