How to pack for Belgrade

What you really need during your visit to the capital city, which is among the top 10 cities in Europe

Saturday 6th of January 2018

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Packing for a trip is fun, not a stressful job. Turn on your favourite music and activate rationality. For a tour of the city of incredible energy, cordial people, great history and rich nightlife there is a need for will and good company. You cannot pack the whole wardrobe and you do not need it. The more things you have with you, the less time you have to get to know, explore and have fun.

Comfortable shoes. Belgrade has 17 city municipalities and about two million inhabitants. To visit this city, you need flat shoes. Walking down Skadarlija on high heels is a challenge even for models from the catwalk. Kalemegdan and other historical and natural beauties are totally uninteresting if you can not meet them on foot. After all, here there are enough shopping malls and designer studios so you can buy yourself what is not in the suitcase.

Underwear. Travel experts always pack old underwear and sleeping shirts that are thrown away at the end of the trip. If you are not planning intimate encounters, listen to this advice. It is certain that you will buy some souvenir, gift or new wardrobe, and you will leave room for everything by releasing your worn out underwear.

Basic accessories for personal hygiene. Toothbrush and other basic essential hygiene items must be in the luggage, there is no need to explain why.

Wardrobe for three days. No matter how long your journey takes, clothes for three days will be enough. Two combinations for daily activities and one for evening date are quite sufficient. Stick to the rule less is more. While packing the wardrobe, make sure that everything you want to wear is compatible with the rest of the stuff so you can combine them easily. You should leave impressive patterns and materials that require ironing at home.

Lightweight sweater. A thin coat does not occupy space, and is always welcome. In the summer, you can use it during long walks and in the winter, as another layer of clothing that will keep you warm.

Cheap sunglasses. You will be wearing them all day and will take them off many times and put them back on your head. Do not waste your nerves on where your glasses are left and what to do without your favourite model. Relax in Belgrade and do not think about less important things.

Earphones. Nowhere without good music. The journey is easier to tolerate with your favourite songs. You should sneak out from the accommodation facility at least once and make an adventure of visiting the capital. In your own pace.

Wet wipes. Sometimes they are salvation. Mini packaging fits every bag and your hands will always be clean. Girls can quickly take off their makeup before they go to sleep.

A book. Best friend for morning coffee. If you do not have the motivation to learn the Serbian language while reading local literature, bring some interesting reading and enjoy the city bars as the city is waking up.

Backpack. Today, they are worn by everyone and represent a trendy choice. It is practical for the journey, walking, running, whatever. Your hands are free as you move, you can always take photos and everything is in one place.

Additional pieces of advice

Come hungry. Belgrade is famous for its top-notch gastronomic specialties. You will need an enhanced appetite to try out everything that is on offer. Serbian food is a brand by itself. If you do not try the burek, sarma, baking, barbecue and homemade cakes - it is like you were not even here.

Brandy - rakija. Traditional hospitality symbol. Welcome drink you often wait the morning at a tavern with. Serbs are gallant hosts and you will offend them if you refuse brandy. Also, prepare yourself for the comfortable spending of the time after work. People will often say to you: "Let's have another drink and we'll go." Another drink is really rarely just one more brandy. It will not be difficult to find such a host, and you will discover a lot about the Serbian mentality. You will be delighted.

Consume alcohol responsibly. Now you already know that Serbia is a brandy country. You need to know that bartenders from Belgrade are winning high places at world competitions. Get ready for incredible cocktails and city charm. In combination, they inebriate before you know it. Be moderate.

Night life accessories. You came with the intention of getting to know the clubs. Perfect. Some clubs insist on elegant wardrobe but most allow relaxed dress-code. You will find it hard to enter any club with white trainers. It is smarter to have dark shoes. Girls will certainly want to leave the impression with good look. It is easier to pack darker makeup and face sequins that will enhance the effect of a relaxed combination rather than several dresses for a night out.

Now that you are packed, passport and money in your hands, lock the door and straight to Belgrade. Welcome to the city you will never forget.