Events in the city at the weekend: 10-11th March 2018

Tradition says that Saturday is the best day for city events

Thursday 8th of March 2018

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In the House of King Petar the First there is an exhibition entitled "Retrospective" where the paintings of Momo Kapor are displayed. Half a century of creativity of one of the most famous Serbian writers of the second half of the 20th century, who marked an epoch with his talent and serious engagement in painting, was presented with works from private collections, from early student works to recognizable paintings with motifs of hopscotch and carrousel. The exhibition is organized on the occasion of the 8th annual commemoration and it will last until 10th March.

The Belgrade urban legend - the performance "Cikaske perverzije" (Sexual Perversity in Chicago) celebrates 25th anniversary. The birthday performance is scheduled for 10th March from 20:00 at the Sava Center. The story of love and friendship, relationships, simple complications by motives by David Mamet was premiered in 1993 at the Yugoslav Drama Theater. Since then, it has gained the title of the iconic play thanks to excellent actors. Dragan Gagi Jovanovic, Branka Pujic, Olga Odanovic and Igor Djordjevic will make you laugh at the jubilee performance.

On Saturday 10th March, the International Ultramarathon manifestation and the Championship of Serbia - 9th Marathon of the marathon will begin. The race starts at 08:00 on Ada Ciganlija and 50 miles and 100 km ultramaraton races are planned, as well as time races 6-hour and 12-hour races in women's and men's competitions. The category is absolute for everyone over 18 years of age, and awards for the most persistent are provided. The 50 miles and 100 km races are time-limited to nine and thirteen hours, and organizers, who have provided refreshments, are in charge of the endurance of the competitors.