Events in the city at the weekend: 21-22 April 2018

Belgrade is shining in April! The upcoming weekend is the right time for great city events

Thursday 19th of April 2018

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The World Cuisines Festival is held at the Royal Inn hotel on 21st April from 09:30 to 20:00. Belgraders and dear guests will enjoy the tasting of specialties of world national cuisines, organic products, spices, honey, tableware and high quality equipment exhibition.

The programme includes the presence of members of numerous embassies in Belgrade, guest appearances of famous chefs from foreign countries and cooking workshops. Promoting healthy food and drinks is unthinkable without guests. Maja Volk, Doctor Feelgood and famous bloggers will be happy to share their knowledge and experiences. Gastronomic gathering that should not be missed.

The Museum of African Art has a special exhibition. Lalibela - a trip to Jerusalem of Africa is a spectacle of 24 works by multi-award-winning Israeli photographer, Gali Tibbon. Lalibela is the center of pilgrimage in Ethiopia, where there are eleven monolithic churches that are believed to have been built during King of Lalibela in the 12th and 13th centuries and since 1978, they are under UNESCO protection. Exposed photos in black and white show pilgrims on the journey, imposing churches and landscapes.

It is a good time for you to clean not only the soul and the body, but also the closets, attics and basements. It is the right opportunity to come with goods or return home with the new little things that mean a lot. On Sunday, 22nd April from 11:00 to 19:00, the 11th Dorcol Flea Market will be held in the courtyard of Dorcol Platz. Let yourself be surprised by encounters and those must have things that can be found on the flea market.

On the same day, on 22nd April from 12:00, the renovated Avala Tower celebrates its eighth birthday. At the same time, it is planned to open the newly built tourist and business facilities located in the immediate vicinity. Carting for children, knights and archers, football tournament, food, beverage and souvenir bazaar are just a part of the rich programme that will be hosted by museums, cultural and artistic associations, companies, households and various associations. The Government of the Republic of Serbia and the City of Belgrade invite everyone to come and enjoy a glorious celebratory atmosphere.