BELEF 2018

The 27th Belgrade Summer Festival

Thursday 21st of June 2018

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Under the slogan "Belef in our hearts", one of the brands of the Serbian capital is organized - BELEF festival, which is held in several locations from 22nd June to 15th July. Traditionally, the festival is intended for a wider audience, which primarily likes art, but also entertainment. Programme contents are adapted to all ages.

Most of the programme will be held in the Garden of the Student Cultural Center, but the programmes will take place in the City Hall, the Kombank Hall, the Atrium of the National Museum, the Kolarac Endowment. The youngest will be able to listen to their friends from the Kolibri Choir, enjoy the play of the Dance Theater Velenje from Slovenia - "Pippi Longstocking" and the ballet show "Planet of Secrets".

Relaxing theater and ballet programme for older audience is the guest appearance of the French project "Buffet à vif" (Vivisection of a cupboard) La Belle Meunière - La poétique des signes, supported by the "Teatroskop" programme; "Wunderbare Jahre" (Wonderful Years), dance performance by Dagmar Dachauer from Austria, as well as domestic cabaret performances - "Brak, u stvari ljubav" (Marriage, in fact love) and "Kabare Beograd" (Cabaret Belgrade). The iconic play "Corba od kanarinca" (Canary Soup) with Mina Lazarevic and Ljubomir Bandovic is an event that should not be missed.

A rich concert programme will delight classic and popular tastes. "Merak and Salsa" by Jovan Maljokovic and Balkan and Salsa Orchestra, Neverne bebe, Orthodox Celts, Lena Kovacevic, Dean Bauman and others are on the repertoire. The visual programme will be marked by Shimon Mansura and "Silver", a visual spectacle Silver Dance Company from Israel in cooperation with the Embassy of Israel in Belgrade.