Meet Belgrade in a completely different way

What to do in Belgrade when you want a real adventure

Thursday 16th of August 2018

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A sightseeing tour of the city by tram, an open bus ride, boat cruise, a long bike ride through the center or observation of attractions and sights from the comfortable seat of an oldtimer are the familiar ways to get to know the capital. If you thought it was all that this city has to offer - you are wrong.

The only mountain in Belgrade, Avala, does not deserve to be ignored because it is not in the very center. The whole city and the environment from the Avala Tower look completely different. A view from the height, and the firm ground under the feet is the right combination. The bus ride from the Nikola Pasic Square lasts long enough to see impressive buildings as well as natural beauties. You know what to do when you get to the destination. Head to the tower! History, nature and fantastic lookouts are the tour of Avala you have to take time for.

High, higher, the highest! Absolutely original meeting with the capital of Serbia is from the air. Helicopter ride over Belgrade guarantees an incredible experience. Tours are organized during the day, starting from Dobanovci. Bird's-eye view tour takes 15 to 60 minutes. You fly with Robinson R44 helicopters with the most experienced pilots in Serbia. The capacity is three seats plus a pilot. An incredible and excellent experience.

You are young or feel like you are counting your first days of youth and you enjoy a two-wheeler ride. Classical "sleds" can wait. A different activity for new adventures is the Segway Tour. An interesting option for exploring the city is the world trend, the ride of modern two-wheelers. There are two standard tours and a possibility to create your own tour yourself. An active tour and a dose of great stories from the city life. Great plan. The list of what to see in Belgrade is long. Choose the most attractive places, put a helmet on your head and start a special ride.