Autumn leaves are changing colours

All over town

Saturday 13th of October 2018

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Roasted chestnut in a paper cone. Fallen leaves. Shorter days. Coat and boots. Hands in pockets. Traffic jam. Wind. Rain and umbrellas. Drowsiness. Colours in nature. Ajvar. Hurried people. The season of theaters, galleries, movie premieres and nightclubs. The episode "Autumn in Belgrade 2018" is broadcast only once. Exclusive. Dare to miss it.

Do not be fooled by the stories that the autumn is boring. Now you do not have to scratch your head while thinking about what to do in the city. There is no part of Belgrade where there is not any happening. Nor do you need to justify yourself if you do not want to leave the house. Autumn rains are an acceptable excuse for not leaving home for everyone. An extra proposal for delay of going out - every housewife needs help in roasting peppers for ajvar and you are invited to the event.

Some people associate autumn times with hardworking people who collect leaves with that unusual tool. Others are happy because it is no longer allergy season. Others enjoy garlic and bacon without hesitation because it has been shown that they boost the immunity. Delicious yes, but smelly. Many people are thrilled that Lidl came to Serbia right in the autumn. Hardworking "bees" ​​have prepared the entire winter storage and now have time to compare prices and consume innovations on the market.

Autumn is in full swing. Music is slower but better and longer lasting than summer notes. November Rain by Guns N 'Roses are listened to even by those who are not in the rock style as it is the ultimate hit in this period. One of the longest songs of the iconic band released in 1992 was written by Axl Rose personally. We do not know what motivated him to create a perfect ballad but we want to thank him infinitely. For the absolute autumn rhythm, turn the volume up and play retro songs like Gone Till November, Autumn Almanac, Wake Me Up When September Ends.

Hiding from the sun and putting on SPF 50 is just as long ago as the school essay on the theme autumn in my street. When school benches are an ancient past, listing the reasons why we love autumn seems great, doesn't it? Do not make drama because the summer went to some warmer places. You will not change anything and you will lose valuable time by looking at the photos from the sea and tirelessly placing them on Instagram with the unavoidable #tb. If you want summer, buy ice cream and walk down your street. You will probably get inspiration for the best essay ever.

Autumn in Belgrade always looks new and different. So open your eyes and inhale. You see that the seasons are changing rapidly. You will not even be able to find everything you need for autumn outfits, and you will already be making snowballs.