October exhibitions

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Wednesday 17th of October 2018

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Serbian heroism on the Salonica Front (the Macedonian Front) has been recorded to date as a rarely brave undertaking all over the world. Through the multimedia exhibition "Salonica Front 1916-1918" at the Gallery of Science and Technology of the Serbian Academy of Sciences until 3rd November, there is a work presenting a study of military actions, organization and activities of the Serbian army and allies. How they recovered from the battle and what the soldiers did outside the front is an important segment of the setting that everyone should see.

The Gallery of the Home of the Serbian Army is the address where the exhibition titled "Legends" will be set by 27th October which presents the works of Mika Antic. More famous for his verses than his paintings, the famous Mika Antic painted and wrote in the course of his life with equal passion. What words did not manage to get across, the paintings did. So come and meet the unexcelled poet for children and adults from the perspective of visual arts.

The solo exhibition of Massinissa Selmani, "Poles Apart", at the Museum of African Art brings an absolutely unique display of contemporary society and politics. The reality painted by the talent of the author who is equally popular in the artistic milieu of Algeria and France where he lives and creates. The exhibition consists of a total of thirteen drawings and two animations. Reality, hand in hand with humor and irony can be seen until 24th February 2019.

An extra exhibition. In the Gallery of the Natural History Museum, a very useful exhibition "Pazi otrovno" by the author, PhD Ana Paunovic is current. Even by April 2019, you can find out what the setting of a higher-level curator with great experience has to offer. The topic of the exhibition is the poison that is in the nature. Even in ancient Egypt, people knew how to use and abuse the natural poison. Ana was willing to share her knowledge and research with interested citizens so everyone who visits the exhibition can discover all kinds of plant and animal poisons, the usage of modern pharmacy and medicine, and how to defend and protect with antidotes.