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Wednesday 14th of November 2018

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On the 16th day of November, exactly at 19:00, in the lobby of the National Library of Serbia, the exhibition "War and humor: 1914-1918" created by Vladimir Ceh and Milan Ristovic will be opened. The aim of the exhibition is to show the influence of humor and satire in print media during the World War I. Now historical documents, newspaper articles and magazines, posters and postcards from a four-year period will be exhibited by 16th December. During the unique exhibition, expert guided tours will be organized.

The first retrospective exhibition of Ilija Soskic, "Action Forms", is currently in the Museum of Contemporary Art. Curator PhD Zoran Eric will present in detail the works dominated by geometric forms. The exhibition is a product of the author's interest in mathematics and philosophy during the eighties, and consists of sketches, photo documentation, performances, realized objects and installations. Ilija Soskic is a complex personality of the domestic scene. Radical (neo) avant-garde, athlete, theorist, artist, motorcycle enthusiast and much more. The products of his mind are unexcelled art.

The artist from Greece, Georgios Kordis, exhibits his works entitled "Light from light. Athos-Byzantium-the World" until 30th November. The guest exhibit is on the repertoire in the Residence of Princess Ljubica. The iconographer and painter, thanks to his talent, is in the category of the best artists of the contemporary iconography. The authentic painter's personal touch, but also great respect for traditional rules are seen in each work. This exhibition counts a total of 76 works. In addition to the outstanding visual achievements, visitors will have the opportunity to get acquainted with another Georgios gift - writing. So far, he has presented fifteen books and all of them have been translated into Serbian.