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At the end of the year, the city is in artistic mood. What about you?

Saturday 15th of December 2018

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She was a true elite. Pure avant-garde. Because of genetics, because of her affinities. She explored both tradition and distant cultures. It only mattered to her to create. Whenever. Wherever. Milena Pavlovic Barili was one of the most successful Serbian painters with a great world career. Her style has always been described with many adjectives. Yet, there are never enough words to describe her talent.

When she moved to America, she was interested in fashion in addition to painting, and she worked very closely with prestigious magazines, including "Vogue". Throughout her life, she wrote poetry in several languages. She was also a scenographer and costume designer. She was so many things. "The Magical Milena" exhibition at Jevrem Grujic's House is dedicated to her and the magnificent success that left mark on the global art scene.

Art in the eye of the observer. Dunavski umetnicki izlog is the venue of the exhibition "Around the World". The author, Nevena Janjic, recorded special moments from the journey to as many as 11 countries. An exotic travelogue consists of 75 author photographs. The solo exhibition with a focus on distant warm destinations brings a completely different feeling in cold Belgrade days. Except for great photos to beautify the winter mood, you might also get the best answer to where to go to the sea.

Senior curator Mila Gajic is organizing an authentic exhibition "Classical and Symbolic - Rings and Earrings from Antiquity to the Middle Ages" at the Museum of Applied Arts until the end of January. It is known that women have always loved jewellery. Little is known about what kind of fashion used to be back then. You have the opportunity to see 95 items from the Collection of Metal and Jewellery Museum and 10 valuable items from the Historical Museum of Serbia. Roman wedding ring, silver earrings, knight ring and gold jewellery are only a part of the interesting exhibition. More than useful, archer's thumb ring indicates the practicality of wearing jewellery in ancient times. Select a date for a visit when a public guide is scheduled for the exhibition. With Mila's presence and quality lecture, you will enjoy the exhibition to the fullest.