Fun is in town

The year 2018 was the best ever for some people. Others do not think so. In the end, we all need a large amount of great fun

Wednesday 26th of December 2018

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Come. Listen. Understand. Enjoy. On Thursday, 27th December from 18:00, the fourth Roma Culture and Activism Festival "Frka" starts at the Youth Center. Where are the Roma people today, how they are, what they do and whether they can find a job at all are the themes of a round table. After well-informed people state their opinions, an excellent concert is starting. Kal band will be the first on the stage, followed by the performances of the Gipsy Rhapsody orchestra and the violinist of the National Orchestra of the Radio and Television of Serbia, Perica Vasic. After them, songs in Romani will be sang by Tanja Banjanin, Ivan Kurtic and Zeljko Vasic.

An event that beautifies the holiday euphoria in an artistic way. In Parobrod Cultural Center there is exhibition "Kod" organized by the Association of Applied Arts Artists and Designers of Serbia. Traditional annual review of works is inspired by codes. Bar code, programme code, code of behaviour, code that solves dilemmas. More than 60 works will be exhibited by 15th January. Do not wait for the next year. Be among the first to discover the codes through the prism of fantastic art.

Just make it cheerful. New Year's Belgrade Night Market is scheduled for Friday 28th December at Bajloni Market. The stalls will be specially decorated. Surprises for all generations will not be missed. Totally cheerful purchase of food, drinks and gifts will be available from 18:00 until midnight. In the style of European Christmas markets, visitors will be warmed with mulled wine or brandy and, of course, great music.

Children are looking forward most to the New Year. There are a lot of events for them. And a very original one. "Sleeping Beauty" is on the repertoire at the Sava Center on 30th December from 11:00 and 17:00. The famous story enriched with songs, ballet choreography, magic tricks, special lighting and 3D effects will delight the youngest. Without Santa Claus, however, it would not be interesting. That is why he will come at the end of the show. Idyll for all the little princes and princesses.