Top 5 events for the weekend

It is never boring in the city

Wednesday 19th of December 2018

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Culture, fun, shopping, impressive art. It is incredible what can be seen in Belgrade in just one weekend. The offer is really rich. However, the following events are more than a quality city programme.

1. Una Saga Serbica - Center for Culture and Education Rakovica / 21st December from 20:00

The dance event "Igra Bogova" in the New Year's edition will surely delight everyone who manage to take their place. A popular and highly successful troupe presents folklore but in a completely different edition. Dance with special music, featuring original costumes and effects, creates unusual art.

2. With Love to Petipa! - Kombank Hall / 21st December from 20:00

Premiere performance of Russian ballet in honour of Marius Petipa. This gala concert is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the great ballet dancer, pedagogue and choreographer Marius Petipa who moved the boundaries of known and possible. A French who created in Russia is considered to be one of the most influential ballet masters and choreographers in ballet history. That is why the greatest stars of Russian ballet will perform at the concert. Festive and spectacular.

3. Miroslav's Gospel - The National Museum / 22nd December from 12:00

The oldest preserved Serbian manuscript originated in the 12th century. In 1979, it received the status of a cultural heritage of exceptional importance. It has been on the UNESCO list since 2005. Polemics and dilemmas are forbidden when the Miroslav's gospel is mentioned. Keep in mind that this national treasure is exhibited only ten days during the year. If you cannot make it, the next opportunity to see the first Cyrillic manuscript is next Saturday, 29th December.

4. Antiquity Fair - Slavija Garni Hotel / 22nd and 23rd December from 10:00 to 16:00

Passionate lovers of the past in a tangible form are meeting for the 13th time. More than 120 exhibitors will present the sales exhibition of collections and antiques. Buying is not the point. Great socializing with people who share affection for old but well-preserved valuables is guaranteed.

5. Russian-Serbian Craft Festival - Progres Gallery / until 13th January

The ninth presentation of authentic handicrafts with Russia and Serbia labels arrived in the city. Traditional handicrafts, famous art-crafts techniques will be set up as an exhibition of decorative and applied art. Come. See for yourself fabulous skills that only ten human fingers can create.