Two times ballet on ice

Artistic fantasy for all generations

Sunday 2nd of December 2018

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Ballet and figure skating are an amazing combination. From the perspective of the participants, performances that combine two completely different dances are definitely the peak of a career. From the perspective of the audience, these events cause standing ovations and are remembered forever. This December, in Belgrade, more precisely, in Novi Beograd, there are two ice spectacles organized. One for the elderly, the other for the youngest. Both for recommendation.

Perfect classics. On 7th December, the Russian State Ballet from St. Petersburg is guest at the Sava Center. The celebrated ensemble will perform the famous work "Swan Lake" by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky at 18:00 and 20:30. The troupe has 30 ballet dancers, Olympic winners, leaders in almost all international skating competitions. The Russian national ballet has existed since 1967, and has more than seven thousand performances around the world in its biography. They have won over the planet, let them win you over.

Art for children. The fairy tale "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" will be performed in Stark Arena on from 7th to 9th December. Members of "Russian Ice Stars" troupe will conjure up the adventures of Snow White, Prince, Dwarfs and other characters. Acrobats on the ice will look even better with excellent music and lighting. The famous story of the beautiful princess who bit the poisonous apple dates back to 1937, and it was created by the Brothers Grimm. However, Walt Disney celebrated the fairy tale that is still one of the best of all time. The acting and dancing show is an ideal overture to the New Year's mood for both children and adults.