Four times city entertainment

Two times music. Two times exhibition. Plus - surprise

Wednesday 27th of February 2019

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The Ethnographic Museum has recently presented a new exhibition "The Kalash - The last Pagans of the Hindu Kush" by Konstantin Novakovic. Expected or not, but the exhibition of the ancient people of Pakistan who resisted the pressures of modern times is extremely visited. What is it about, why the Kalash are the real unique of 21st century you can discover until 10th March.

In the neighbourhood, more precisely in the atrium of the National Museum, a special concert "Music of the Berlin Court" starts on 1st March at 20:00. The eminent ensemble Belgrade Baroque is a great attraction itself because they always play on replicas of instruments from the 17th and 18th centuries. For this occasion, they are hosts to the giant of modern classical music scene, Christoph Urbanetz. They have prepared a special programme, composed of German 18th-century musical works performed at the court of King Frederick the Great. If you are tired of all the usual things, then you are an ideal candidate for the audience of the concert with very rare notes.

The supporters of music from the present time are unlikely to go to the aforementioned concert. But they will surely make sure to come to Elektropionir and listen to Djordje Miljenovic, aka Wikluh Sky, on 28th February or 1st March. One of the founders of the rap band "Bad Copy", a songwriter and producer of numerous hits outside the rap sphere with successfully recorded work in opera. An artist without limits. The first concert is marked as winter one while the other is called spring one. We are voting for spring in every sense!

From the first of March, the Museum of African Art will host the exhibition "Ghosts of Africa - Ritual West African Art". Masks, materials, various items and much more that is passed from generation to generation in this part of the world will be at the center of attention. You will be able to discover a lot about African rituals and beliefs. The treasury of 50 items will be absolutely fun with the curator Aleksandra Prodanovic Bojovic. And very instructive.

Winter seems to like being around so long. It made everyone slow down the pace and choose the indoor events. It is over with this habit! The Botanical Garden "Jevremovac" invites all interested and eager to walk in the open to visit the garden with an expert lecture. On the second day of March, an amazing sightseeing begins at noon. In only an hour, as this tour lasts, you will have the opportunity to personally see the beauty of the green oasis. Right here there are more than 2,000 plant species from around the world. Only this address hides the real treasure. No excuse, everybody should go for a great walk on Saturday.