Spring cakes

The sweetest spring in Belgrade ever

Friday 29th of March 2019

Who was wise, he dealt with heavy chocolate stories during the winter. Eating sweets without the guilt of conscience has come to an end. This does not mean that there is a sugar restriction. On the contrary. In accordance with the new season, the rules of the sweet game change.

Spring of 2019 has arrived, and soon the summer will too. Every sweet bite counts. Still, it is impossible to resist desserts. There is no need to. The first spring sunshine is not a partner in "crime" called a chocolate tart but is a real fellow for a light chocolate mousse or similar dessert. The taste is even better if you take the best place in your favourite garden.

Homemade strudel with poppy seeds, except for medicinal, is ideal for boosting the mood. Sweet as needed. If it is not your favourite, visit the pastry shops in Belgrade and find vanilice (vanilla cookies). Oh yes, one of the memories of the grandma's kitchen still exists. They are still a perfect company with homemade coffee.

If one swallow does not make a summer, then one cake is not a sin. The dessert that is worth sweating in a long walk or gym in order to neutralize the effect of sugar is Miss Cremeschnitte (cream cake, krempita in Serbian). Always famous, popular and in high demand. Mix of creamy and crispy, milk and fruit. The main suspect for numerous big smiles around the city.

Everybody loves cheesecake. Especially now when sweets are not welcome in the diet list. The only drawback is that not everyone knows how to make it. True gourmands know exactly where the good version of the world bestseller among desserts is eaten. They are not naive. They know to have something sweet and still not to overdo with calories.

Who wants to be in shape on the beach, he should turn to the vegan sweets urgently. It is a mistake that they are not sweet. They are. Among the ingredients there is no white sugar, and the replacement for it are quality alternatives from nature. Currently they are top representatives of modern Belgrade gastronomic offer, and combinations of flavours are endless. Come on, say a big yes to health and indulge yourself with vegan cakes.