Always and forever - Serbian coffee

Domestic, cooked, black, Serbian, Turkish. Five names for the same coffee. Without competition

Friday 15th of March 2019

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Obligatory morning routine. The best company with dessert after lunch. The reason for a break at work. Unavoidable during relaxed evening conversations. When coffee cups could speak, who knows what they would have to say.

Drinking coffee in Belgrade is an important ritual with a long tradition. Long before the emergence of espresso, instant, filter and other caffeine-based drinks, the only one available was domestic coffee. The habit of manual grinding coffee right before cooking is gone because it is more convenient to buy already fine grind coffee, but the habit of consumption is not, nor will be gone ever. There has been a controversy about her proper name as long as people enjoy drinking it.

It is often heard that Turkish coffee is a favourite. It is not very correct because it does not originate from Turkey. It is believed that the Turks themselves brought it with them during the rule of the Balkans. Cooking in copper coffeepot and serving with Turkish delight (lokum) is a bit Turkish. If the Greeks engage in the whole story, they will use all the powers of verbal and non-verbal communication to persuade you that this is Greek coffee. So, everyone takes it and considers it their own. But only in Turkey in 2015, 500 years of coffee consumption was celebrated. If you take a look at the statistics, you come to the conclusion that among the Turkish population tea is far more popular drink. Obviously, it is very hard to see who is right.

Some complain when they hear cooked and immediately ask the question what kind of coffee is not cooked. Well, for example, Nescafe is not cooked, nor espresso because it has its own machine. It is the same with filter coffee. So, the only coffee that is cooked is - cooked and the name is perfectly suitable.

The magnificent coffee in ancient times was a symbol of wealth. Today, it is available to everyone and at every step. Every day, a number of its photos is posted on social networks. The most popular drink on the whole planet is not an inspiration to many just in the 21st century. Bach composed the entire cantata because of the love of coffee.

Call it whatever you want but do not miss enjoying it. It is most often drunk at home because it is hard to find it in catering facilities. Traditional restaurants in Belgrade are the places where there are the greatest chances to find it in the menu. If you do not like its taste, you will love her old "feature". Cooked coffee is the only one that leaves grout on the bottom of a cup that, after turning the cup, tells your fortune. It is up to you whether you believe in telling fortunes in grouts of coffee or not. Fun is definitely guaranteed.

A short story about a long journey of coffee

- It has been drunk since the 9th century

- The legend says that coffee was discovered by a shepherd from Ethiopia, more precisely his goats. After eating a bush with unknown black berries, the usual peaceful behaviour was replaced by the active one

- soon after the discovery, coffee became a mandatory drink in all cultures and all social classes. Clergy consumed it to make it easier to bear long prayers, artists to stay awake all night and create in peace, and workers to be able to handle difficult tasks more easily

- Africa, the continent where coffee was discovered, is the last one to start breeding coffee.