The Street Food Festival is coming to the heart of Vracar

From 23rd to 25th June 23, at the corner of Kursulina and Krunska Street, next to the Kalenic market, exceptional representatives of favorite fast snacks are coming

Thursday 22nd of June 2023

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The Vracarac Street Food Festival is scheduled for the coming weekend - on the plateau near the Kalenic market from 23rd to 25th June. At the corner of Kursulina and Krunska Street, representatives of the city's famous gastronomic brands will gather and they will prepare fresh and delicious specialties of various world cuisines on the spot.

Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy great street food, good music and a real summer atmosphere at one of the favorite gathering places on Krunski venac.

The Street Food FestivalStreet Food Festival will once again offer visitors a diverse palette of the Belgrade craft food scene, such as burgers, corn dogs, American sandwiches, specialties of Japanese cuisine, the famous Belgrade dumplings, stuffed bagels, homemade sausages, sushirrito, but for the first time also specialties of Jamaican national cuisine.

Entrance to the festival is free and seating is provided for visitors. The working hours of the festival are from 13:00 to 23:00.

A special surprise for all gamers and fans of gaming will be the visit of representatives of the Z10 team, our most successful e-sports team, who designed their Z10 burger just for this occasion in order to allocate part of the sales money to the humanitarian association EHLS (e-sport humanitarian league of Serbia) with the aim of drawing attention to the importance of e-sports, but also to the importance of social responsibility towards the most vulnerable groups. Anyone who wants to participate in this action and be charitable can look for their Z10 burger at the festival.

This edition of the Street Food Festival continues cooperation with the Every Can Counts project in order to raise awareness of the importance of recycling and environmental protection. Boxes for the disposal of used aluminum packaging will be placed at several different points, the promoters will support us again this time by carrying backpacks in which it is also possible to store used cans, while pixelata will creatively remind visitors of the endless possibilities of using aluminum. With this collaboration, we remind all our visitors to recycle and do something good for the planet Earth because after all... Every can counts!