What is being prepared for Christmas

Christmas bread - cesnica, pork roast, sarma, cakes and cookies are part of the traditional food that gathers the family for the biggest religious holiday

Tuesday 3rd of January 2023

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According to the Julian calendar, the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated on 7th January. The most important day for Orthodox believers is always a non-working day and forever favorite time for family. After several weeks of fasting, it is time for rich meals from morning to evening.

Food for Christmas Eve must be fasting. On Christmas Day, the rules are completely different.

According to custom, the oldest female person in the house before dawn bakes bread from only three ingredients: flour, fat and water. The recipe for Christmas bread - cesnica is simple, but it takes a little skill to mix it properly. A coin, cornel, a branch of Badnjak are put inside, and according to belief, whoever pulls something out of the Christmas bread will have a blessed year.

The symbolism of Christmas bread - cesnica lies in the reminder of the night when Mary gave bread to the wise men who came to worship. That is why it is always prepared for Christmas.

Roast pork is obligatory in every home. Since ancient times. Recent history says that Serbs must prepare pork roast. Earlier, lamb was prepared. What meat to eat for Christmas should be the decision of all family members. The absence of poultry is recommended, as it is considered that it does not bring prosperity in the current year.

The first person to enter the house on Christmas Day is polozajnik. It should be a child or a person close to the family and he should cross the doorstep with the right foot. After the greeting "Christ is born" and the response of all the household members "Truly He is born", the wishes of the family members and sharing cesnica are followed. You can pour red wine over the Christmas bread and then divide it with your hands, never cut it with a knife.

As a rule, cesnica is served with prosciutto, ajvar, Russian salad, pickles, gibanica, sauerkraut, a selection of cheeses, pork cracklings. The list of favorite dishes that the Christmas table brings is long. While you carefully arrange the homemade flavors, try to enjoy more the moments together and the meal.

Sarma, baked potatoes, podvarak are mandatory on the table during lunch. Often, grilled meat is also found among the magnificent service. If you are not a real gourmet, do not worry if you can't taste everything. However, Christmas is celebrated for three days.

Cakes and cookies primarily for children, who should be good on Christmas Day, should be to the taste of the youngest. When, if not right now, to put a chocolate cake in the center of the table accompanied by chocolate cookies?

Housewives, do not worry about whether your Christmas magic will work. It will! It is time for love, for giving, forgiving and joy. Christ is born.