What to do at the first spring weekend

The real question is how to visit all the events in the city because, whatever you feel like doing, you will have a big choice

Wednesday 20th of March 2019

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Spring 2019 officially begins on 20th March. On the same day, the International Day of Happiness is celebrated all over the world. It is impossible to ignore positive vibes that originate at every step. If music, dance or delicious food bring back the smile on your face, then the weekend in Belgrade will be exactly the way you want it.

1. Music. The performances of foreign performers are on a break this weekend. The Serbian rock returns to the scene. On Friday, 22nd March at 20:30, in the Hall of Sports "Ranko Zeravica", a group of people who are far more than a good band - Partibrejkers perform. Their lyrics make you to think and change attitudes, and their music make people move - even those like made of stone. They are not active as they used to be, so do not miss the rock event. The following day, on Saturday 23rd March, in the Kombank Hall, a band, well-known outside the country, will play acoustic versions. Van Gogh evokes memories and goes back even to the beginning of their career. There will not be typical groove, but there will be plenty of emotions.

2. Dance. Anyone who wants to move the hips has two options. The first is the presence at the 6th International "Oriental Fairytales" which opens a gala show on Friday, 22nd March at the DK Studentski grad where stars from around the world will dance. It will be ceremonial and spectacular until Sunday 24th March, when the dance evening will mark the end of this year's Oriental movement ceremony. If you prefer tango, go straight to the Belgrade Tango Weekend - March edition. From 22nd to 24th March, people will dance in several locations, but there will be the most tango fans in the Theater 78. Professional dancers and novices will experience real tango ecstasy with the music of DJs.

3. Food and drink. Tastings, lectures and workshops dedicated to local specialties will be available at the Kombank Hall on 23rd and 24th March from 10:00 to 19:00. Gastro manifestation "Spring taste fest" is for those who love quality food and good drinks. For all generations, according to everyone's taste. Wine lovers will gather at the Metropol Palace Hotel on 23rd March. The reason is more than good. "Grand Tasting 2019" is an event where everyone can attend, but only the best can participate. The focus is on the offer of rare wines from Serbia, but the wine salon will be enriched by foreign winemakers. Sophisticated, stylish, superb.